Moving! Part II

Well, it’s official. We set the possession date at October 6th, and we move most of our belongings – 32 boxes and counting plus most of the furniture – on Sunday the 10th, the Thanksgiving weekend. Our biggest thanks will go to the Olsen twins, who have offered themselves and their truck to help us get from here to Pritchard in one trip if possible. The plan is to use what we have: the Dodge with canopy, the trailer with sides added (after Mechano has been dropped off at the property on Saturday), and Ben’s Dodge, possibly even his trailer if we need it. The essentials I’ll need to finish out the month at the apartment will stay until the 30th, but already I have almost everything packed up. The kitchen is beginning to remind me of the camper, and it’s getting hard to move around without bruising my hips and smacking my elbows. Of course that might have something to do with me wandering around half dazed from over-excited sleepless nights and too much day-dreaming. (Is there such a thing as too much day-dreaming?) The amount of business to take care of just to move, never mind buy the house, is staggering. In addition to the basics – hydro, phone, notice to the landlords – there’s forwarding mail, booking the elevator key and padding, notifying all our other services or memberships of the new address, and unfortunately in our case, trying to decide on an internet service provider when the choices are only Telus dial-up versus satellite. Having just put myself on the path to working 3 days a week over the net for the office, a day a week minimum on my sister’s website (, and my spare time apart from renos and fiction on this web log, it’s scary to think my life may be in the hands of a 56K modem. Yikes!

The First Look at Poplar Road: Inside

Here are Richard’s first photos of the inside of the house, starting with the view from the front door, looking toward the northeast corner. Again, the furniture, drapes, and other stuff are the previous owners’, not ours! The dining and family room create a great room which will be wonderful for entertaining and feeding a crowd. It’s about 28 feet long, and open to the kitchen at the back (to the right of the French doors). Why the previous owners chose that blue industrial carpeting is a mystery, as the kitchen has been floored in laminate (see below), and the hallway in another shade of laminate. Laminate isn’t ideal for kitchen flooring, however, so we’ve considered replacing the whole area with slate or hardwood. In the meantime, since I grew up in a renovation, I have no problem walking around on plywood – better than that blue stuff!

The First Look at Poplar Road: Outside

Here are more images of the house and property as I first saw it on September 1st, starting with the outside. Note that these were taken with the previous owner’s stuff still lying around. The house faces roughly west, with a north and south wing framing a courtyard in front. The south wing is all garage – two of them. The courtyard in between has a grape vine growing over the low wall, and a walkway between the entrance and the garage door. The house sits back from the street behind a circular driveway, and what was once the vegetable plot is just past the fence on the north side. On the south end the retaining wall at the edge of the property contains a root cellar. We’d like to paint the stucco green – a dark olive shade we found called “Crocodile”, and add natural rock elements in place of the so-called Spanish style facades. The goal is a West Coast/Whistler Chalet feel, organic, spacious but warm, and comfortable.