I look forward to the day when we can say a room is “finished”, but here are more photos of where we’ve got to so far, and I think we can say we’re making progress…

Lots of White But No Snow

The temperature is dropping, but there’s only been snow on the hills on the north side of the river so far. Inside, however, it’s white, white, white….

Dry-Walling Continued

We had a slow start Sunday morning (great breakfast á la Richard) and two visits with our neighbour (baby rabbits arrived, and a brand new sheep named Daisy who came from a 4H family – he wants to give it to us). So we still have cut pieces tucked against the walls, ready to go up below the ceiling, and of course all the taping and mudding, for next weekend. And we need sound insulation to go in the new wall between my office and the family room before those pieces go up. Anyway, here’s the dry-walling, to be continued….