The Mog

It’s Tuesday, and after putting in a day at work close to home, Richard is doing one brief road trip before we head down to Vancouver. They have finally had enough accumulation at the ski resorts and other areas where Richard’s potential clients clear snow to make it worthwhile for him to show off the Unimog. So he left at 5am for a place near Vernon to demo the plow and blower, and will leave it with the client for the week in the hopes they won’t want to part with it on Sunday…


We woke up to a winter wonderland Christmas morning. Snow, just as our neighbours promised despite all weather reports to the contrary. Richard says I must be on the “nice” list to be so lucky. It’s beautiful here. I can’t resist taking photos….

Merry Christmas!

Best wishes to you for a wonderful holiday and a joyful New Year! Much love, Anita and Richard at home in Poplar Road in our (almost) finished family room.