Time for a Nap

Sunday, already! We’re making progress in the office, but slowly. The fireplace, baseboards and one window are done, but Richard is coming down with a cold and had to stop for a nap. I wasn’t even going to take pictures until I got the floor cleaned up and painted, but he was offended that I didn’t appreciate his hard work… So here’s the latest from this weekend. And, Rick, Camilla, Kayla and Ella visited us today! We fed carrots to the goats and llamas, and the girls got to pet a lop-eared rabbit. The llamas are getting used to us now, and headed straight for us when they saw us come through the gate. It’s going to be a blast this summer, having our very own little petting zoo in the back yard. In the meantime, it’s back to work (as soon as Richard is finished his nap).

Playing House, Part V

On Friday, I decided this was the week to get my new office done if I’m going to achieve my goal of moving in by the end of the month. (Part of the impetus is being able to turn my temporary office back into a spare bedroom for guests.) Here’s how the space started out in October: as the “sunken living room”, source of the over-powering feline stench, and focal point of a living area that looked like a long hallway in spite of its 16 foot width, with the one-sided fireplace and brief steps breaking up the space.

Future Projects

This entry is for the twins – here is what you missed not coming up here with Rob this weekend. Thought you might like to see his latest pet project. And Dad, I know I once laughed about your predilection for video-taping machinery… but even Mom can see how beautiful this antique thresher is! All those wheels and gears and original paint. I admit this is only a selection of the photos I took, and the compression for the web doesn’t do them justice. This is one piece of machinery I don’t mind lying about the yard. Yet. Richard had that look in his eye, had to remind him about the guest bedroom project before he trotted out the door like a boy with a toy plane. Note: this is Rob’s thresher, not ours. We just happen to have this great big yard to store it in….