A Walk

I went for a walk along Stoney Flats this afternoon. Without a camera, though it couldn’t have done the landscape justice anyway; but I’ll capture it as best I can in words. The sun was setting through a haze, part mist, part woodsmoke, that leant moisture and a tang to the brisk air, more like autumn than spring. The river shone blue instead of its usual dun brown, and the plateau that shadows it was rimmed with light below the smoky blue hills.

Playing House, Part VI

Another weekend reno project is nearly done with, and I’m finally rested enough to get the pictures posted. We haven’t tried to do so much in a weekend since before Christmas. Thus the title, “Playing House”. If you haven’t been a regular reader of Poplar Road and want an overview, you can see the biggest projects by reading the Playing House posts, parts 1 through 5. Part six, February 18 – 20, is mostly a peek at my new office now that I’ve unpacked and (somewhat) settled in; but I’ve also got the first stage of this weekend’s painting marathon to show you. Richard has left with the camera on another road trip so this will be all the photo coverage for a while, though my painting tasks continue. (More white. Oh joy.) Here are some photos of my new office. I’m very pleased with it so far, although I could use more furniture, and as mentioned before, blinds on the windows. These photos were taken without flash on a grey day – so you can see how bright it is in here. Initially I wasn’t sure the choice of colour for the fireplace was going to work; I matched it to a pair of drawings along with the red, but there’s no getting around the fact that painting a fireplace is odd. Don’t know why the previous owners did that. But this colour looks great with my terracotta plant pots, dark brown wood carvings and black candlesticks, and the deep cranberry walls. The insert is an ugly piece of junk, but we’ll have to live with it for a while. At least it isn’t a really bright shade of brass. And it does work, though I haven’t needed it so far. One of the things Richard did this weekend was open up the floor to an additional heating vent, which made a big difference. Eventually I think a couple of cosy armchairs or a funky chaise lounge would be great in front of the fireplace.

Little Things

We sure got a lot done this weekend, little things that needed to get finished before we move on to the next big project. This French door in the dining room doesn’t look like much (especially with the discoloured molding and the claw-scratched pane) but it represents a few finishing touches, finally: trim in the dining/living area is nearly done, and all finished in my office; the kitchen has new sockets and faceplates on all the outlets and switches; all our new knobs are installed on the exterior doors, with interior ones to do next weekend; Richard put in high-efficiency fluorescent valence lighting under all the cabinets; and we mounted our two new “torchiere” lamps that match our chandelier on either side of the living room window. They look gorgeous. We had company last night, so we even cleaned up. (Our neighbours came over to purchase our trailer, which we’re very happy about: funds for the next project!)