New Arrivals

I have lots to post today – am behind schedule again. Look for lots of garden photos tonight, but for now here’s an update on what we’ve been up to for the last couple of weeks. Spring is all about new arrivals, and in the past two weeks we’ve had quite a few. It began with Daisy’s two lambs, who are finally developing both the fluffy wool and the gamboling-about-on-the-grass antics that make them look like lambs rather than large chihuahuas. (Unfortunately poor Daisy looks sad and has lost two thirds of her girth thanks to a close shave – about 10 inches worth of wool off either side.) Then, six puppies arrived to Sophie, one of Jonathan’s five dogs. Such tiny, soft little things! At our place, we were gearing up for arrivals of our own. Chad and Maria were heading to Alberta for Easter, and dropped in on me on the 24th, long enough to take a quick tour of the house and unload our much-anticipated weed-wacker. (Thank you!) They continued on and I continued cleaning and painting in preparation for my friend Allyson’s arrival on Friday. Richard arrived home Friday morning from his week-long Unimog 2U tour in Roger’s Pass and Trail, and was out the door again to go pick up the next arrival: a new dishwasher! Thanks to an unexpected gift from Bev, (a.k.a. Mommsie), Richard also returned home with something as bright, shiny, and much-needed as the dishwasher: a fully stainless Kirkland (Costco) barbeque! He unwrapped that first, of course, as I was finishing painting the new doors and trim down the hallway. Allyson arrived just as I ran out of putty and paint and was cleaning up. Great timing. She and her dad got the tour and Colin and Richard talked Unimogs for a bit while I got Allyson settled in the guest room with her pile of luggage. Then we said goodbye to her dad and Richard took her out back with a handful of carrots to meet the goats and llamas and a few of the neighbours, who were all invited over for dinner Sunday night.

Catching Up

First Richard was away for two weeks, and then I was away for a week, so I have some catching up to do on Poplar Road, the blog – but we haven’t stopped work on the house, and we had a great time catching up with friends and family this past week. The first week in March was quite productive (involving copius amounts of white paint, of course), and aside from a few finishing touches (when I can stand to open the can of white again), the upstairs is as comfortable and attractive as we can make it for the moment. Last month I posted a few shots as we began work on the hallway and the 9′ x 10′ spare room which we’ve been using as our master bedroom. Here is our progress from the first weekend in March, when we installed new doors in all the finished upstairs rooms along the hall, re-did baseboards and trim, and took care of those finishing touches in the bedroom (like brighter lights!) so we could move back in and free up the guest bedroom for Dagny’s arrival on Sunday.