Framing in the main bathroom tub and the new master bedroom’s entryway did not go as easily as Richard expected on Tuesday. Then when we slid the tub into place, the drainage hole lined up right over a floor joist. With changes needed to the plumbing, a door that didn’t fit, a few too many studs ripped out and redone, and the last of the 8-foot lumber used up, we had just given up and begun a shopping list for a trip into town when the phone rang. Ben and Adrienne were an hour away! We knew they were camping in the Okanagan and would be dropping in, but expected them later in the week. Richard tidied up the construction zone while I tried to make the huge pile of bedding, clothing and boxes in the middle of the living room look less like a tidal wave had passed through here. Then he put a roast on the rotisserie for dinner. After the frustrations of the day, it was nice to sit back over a good meal and just chat.

Playing House, Part IX

Over the past four weeks we hit a dry spell, in several ways at once, but there’s been a change in the weather this weekend! Starting on Friday we officially began the master bedroom and two bathrooms renovation that we’ve been planning since May. The main bathroom, master bedroom and closet/ensuite, and guest bedroom have been gutted down to the bare bones, and we’ve begun to restructure it. I have fifteen photos of our progress and very sore feet, so this is going to be mostly pictures again. Sorry not to have posted anything sooner, but that’s the way it goes around here, doldrums one day, and dramatic changes the next! Please leave comments if you’d like to know more about what we’re up to, and I’ll reply with more details when I can. Richard is on vacation this week so we can get as much as possible done by next weekend, so we’re working dawn to dusk.