Great News! 1. Our high-speed satellite internet system was installed this afternoon. We have to get a wireless router set up and then I can turn into a mouse potato (instead of a couch potato). However, that’s nothing compared to Richard’s big news… 2. He sold two more Unimogs today! The photo at right is of Richard’s godson Alex, dwarfed beside Richard’s demo Mog (the one he sold a few weeks ago). I think Richard was doing the same happy dance as Alex this afternoon when he got the purchase orders. And to make the timing even better, the head of Unimog for North America is visiting this week, and Richard’s superiors freely admitted that they haven’t supported Richard at all, these successes are his and his alone. That felt good too. Oh, and the bonus for me is that a happier Richard is a more motivated Richard, therefore we will get our master bedroom painted this weekend. Hurrah!

Thanksgiving 2005

Since I’m terribly behind on my blog, these next two posts will be mostly photo-galleries. This post highlights the beautiful walks we took over the long weekend as part of celebrating my birthday with my parents, giving those of you who haven’t seen it a glimpse of our rural surroundings. The grasslands are a five minute walk away west of our place, where the poplars of Poplar Road are changing colour gloriously, along with maple and hawthorn. The maple, mock crabapple and Virginia creeper in our yard are especially gorgeous. Mom took photos everywhere. Dad got some great shots of us being approached by the llamas with their usual delicacy. On Sunday, while my parents visited a friend in Vernon for the afternoon, Richard took me to Adams River, where the salmon were just beginning the spawning run. We only saw a half-dozen of them, in the shoals across the river, but the sunshine and beautiful woods made it worth the trek. Autumn rains have since begun with a vengeance but more infrequently than in Vancouver, and the leaves have only just begun to fall, so I’m hoping that unlike Vancouver, we’ll get a long display of colour rather than a quick turn to brown mush. And we could quite possibly get snow in four weeks or so. I can’t quite believe that we’re halfway through October already.