Playing House XI – Has It Really Been a Year?

One year ago last week, Richard and I moved into our new house on Poplar Road. He had already been working on the necessary demolition (remember the smell) since we took possession just before Thanksgiving. But our first night actually eating and sleeping in the house was November 6th, 2004. That month we began a total transformation of the upstairs of the house (as well as gutting the downstairs, which we haven’t done anything more to yet.) I’m not going to repeat the “before” pictures here – just take a look at the Archives for October 2004 – but many of you who have visited us over the past year are familiar with the work we accomplished in December to make the upstairs livable. We spruced up the kitchen with paint and hardware, tore up drywall, carpeting, and basically started from scratch in the living room and what is now the office, and tried to make the bathroom less… blue. Since the initial huge push, we’ve run out of steam and/or cash flow a few times, but somehow our big plans have come to fruition despite the challenges…


Why has my main page been blank for a week? Because we’ve been working as hard this November as we were this time last year when I moved in (well, one year ago tomorrow, actually). Today, Rob B and cousin Greg are here for extra muscle, to get the rest of our new laminate flooring laid. Last weekend we had Richard’s mom up for a visit. Bev motivated us AND made it possible for us to get this flooring, so we’re very grateful (and still very sore). Thankfully with Rob and Greg to help all weekend, we should get the livingroom, hallway, dining room and possibly the kitchen done. Our electrician is here this morning too, finishing the wiring in our freshly painted and floored master bedroom. With only the trim, baseboards and closet doors to go, we can move into it soon! The main bathroom is also near completion, just needing grout on the tile countertop and tub trim. So, lots of progress and no time for picture-taking. But stay tuned, lots to show off after this weekend!!