The Ideal Job

I woke this morning to the peaceful stillness and soothing beauty of a three-inch snowfall. It is still snowing lightly. Normally, I would eat my breakfast while staring out the window, or go for a walk with my camera. But no amount of snow can soothe my frustrated soul this morning. I haven’t even eaten yet (which might be part of the problem, I suppose). I have been job-hunting.

Rumours of Spring?

Although the gorgeous sunshine had some of us convinced Spring was around the corner this week, the temperature is dropping to –15 overnight and I hope I haven’t doomed my just-pruned rose bushes to an untimely death. The bucket of lily bulbs I took out so optimistically is back in the garage again until there are no ice crystals showing in the soil. Brrrr. But babies have their own sense of timing, and on Poplar Road we have had new arrivals for several weeks now. A half-dozen kids are gamboling around the woods already, and Jonathan received two orphaned minature lambs – dove grey with charcoal spots – which after 10 days of bottle feeding are gaily racing each other around the yard and getting underfoot. The thick laces on my Sorel boots are a favourite chew toy for the lambs and kids. The kid I am holding in one of the following photos (Sparkles, I think it is) managed to twist herself around and get a mouthful of Allyson’s hair when it was her turn for a cuddle.