Too Much

We have the flu. Bleh. I all have to say is, it’s really bad timing. Really, infuriatingly bad timing. Achoo!

The Difference One Day Makes

Yesterday, my “recipe” was a hint about our progress on this weekend’s project, demolishing all the bird pens around (and inside) the barn. Today you get the photojournal. Look at last weekend’s entry for the “before” pictures. We’re tired, sore, have just stuffed ourselves with a fabulous Easter dinner, and are heading down the street to see Cama Llama’s brand new boyfriend, so I have to make this quick…

Recipe For a Great Afternoon

Five enthusiastic pairs of hands, gloved Four pairs of wire-cutters, three hammers and two crowbars Three mountain pine beetle-infested trees, chopped One truckload of rotting cedar boards, toasted 40 feet of chicken wire, lumber, vines, and corrugated metal roofing, separated Two dogs, underfoot A dash of fuel One winch cable, wrapped around a roof beam One video camera, on Four cheers of destructive joy One jug of water Lots of elbow grease One extra hot bonfire Salmon dinner for six, promised One barn, standing all by itself. Optional: one two-month-old llama, rolled in ash, one apricot tree in full bloom, and four hours without rain. More tomorrow, with the addition of one digital camera and turkey dinner with all the trimmings. And, hopefully, some sunshine! Happy Easter, everyone!