A Knock On The Door

Some of you may have heard me talk about a very exciting job I applied for two weeks ago. Well, you can uncross your fingers now. Once again, not even shortlisted, although this time someone in the HR department was kind enough to let me know the hiring was over and done with. That was just before 9 on Friday morning. Needless to say, I spent the rest of the morning sadly job-searching in the comfort of my favourite pair of flannel pyjamas and a very well worn in T-shirt. Why am I sharing this with you? Because a few hours after the bad news about the job, I was sitting in my tiny bathroom, wishing I could land a decent job so we could afford to finish our glorious master bathroom, when there was a knock on the door. No time to even put a sweatshirt on over the pjs, and anyway it’s usually just a neighbour. Only this time it wasn’t Jonathan, it was a security system salesman. I got my polite face on, about to tell him not interested, when he said the funniest thing. “I guess your folks aren’t home?” I gaped at him in astonishment. Me, thirty-three years old, no makeup on, only needs to put on flannel pyjama bottoms to be mistaken for a teenager? “I am ‘the folks’,” I said. He looked surprised, and I cut his spiel short to send him away. When you’ve got a neighbour like Jonathan keeping an eye on the street, why get video surveillance and motion sensors? (There’s a reason Bud calls him the “Mayor”.) Anyway, when I got back to my computer I sat there thinking. How old is thirty-three, really? I obviously don’t look a day over 20 – gotta love unintended flattery – and I’m still young enough to roll with the punches and keep up with a learning curve, while educated and experienced enough to provide an employer with more than some fresh-faced eager young thing can offer. Right? Right. So I got out a very short list I made a few months ago, of all the event coordination companies in town. All four of them. Now, I have no credentials as an event coordinator. Nor even as an administrator, for that matter, a BFA being highly irrelevant to employers looking for Business Administration on a job application; but experience should count for something. I’m neither patient enough nor can we afford for me to start over at minimum wage, let’s be realistic, but I have to look at every job option, and event coordination has been a huge part of my work for the last 5 years. (And privately, too – Pam’s wedding was a crash course in how to pull off a wedding at the last minute without the bride worrying about a thing. She could write me a reference: “I don’t know how she did it because I hardly saw her the whole day, but the wedding went just fine.”) … Continue Reading →

For Olivia

We just had a fantastic long weekend with Sharon, Pat, Olivia, and Andrew, and special guests Cama, Flora, and Buddy, who fell head-over-heels for Olivia. Here’s Buddy playing King-of-the-Castle on the heap of dirt exposed by our demolition of the chicken pens around the barn. He says, Hi, Olivia! Buddy scared Olivia a bit at first – when you’re only two feet tall, a big fuzzy thing five times your size galloping toward you is understandably intimidating – but despite frequent kisses from Flora it was Buddy who captured her heart. She started saying his name on the second day and he started coming closer than he usually does with Richard and I. I was very impressed. Letting the three llamas in was challenging because they just love raspberry and cherry leaves, and Flora is getting too big to be leaping through my flower beds. But it was worth it to have them closer once Olivia got comfortable with them. She made a beeline for the back door as soon as she got up every morning. Our visit to the BC Wildlife Park was also fun – it was one big wildlife weekend. (Sharon, I’m looking forward to seeing your photos! Thanks for a wonderful visit.)

Road Trip Salsa

Whenever Richard and I travel, two small bottles come with us: ground cumin and tequila. The cumin is for my favourite snack, guacamole, which I make using ripe avocadoes mashed with cumin, salt, garlic powder, and lemon or lime juice (I prefer lemon). Neither of us drink tequila, but a bottle of the cheapest kind we can get has to be in the camper whenever we go on a road trip because it’s the secret ingredient in Richard’s famous salsa. The rest of the ingredients come from the local produce market wherever we’re going. Oddly, neither of us are huge fans of salsa, but when we’re on vacation Richard makes this for our friends. (And we load up on the guacamole.) In Moab, Richard made a gallon of salsa one night and the group ate half of it on the spot. Lisa took the last of it home, and has requested the recipe, so here you are…