Garden Gallery Revisited

Two weeks have gone by as I’ve been working full time, this last with an incredible amount of heat. I got heatstroke on Sunday in the 38 degree scorcher, while pruning lilacs and other shrubs that have finished blooming. While I was wilting away, the summer flowers were soaking up the light. The bucket of miscellaneous lily bulbs I got from the neighbour last fall have grown very well and today was the real show. I can’t resist showing them off. No scented stargazers, sadly, but what colours! Happy Summer, everyone!

Serendipity And a Little Jabberwocky

If you’re familiar with the poem “Jabberwocky”, from Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass, you’ll know what I mean when I say, “O frabjous day!” The universe is smiling on me. I’ve found a job, an almost perfect scenario that is both well within my comfort zone in its resemblance to my last position, and has the potential to take me further than I could ever expect to go in a conventional administrative position. Hurrah! If you read my post about luck back in April you might remember the word serendipity. Well, the way I happened – happily and by accident – upon this job is the perfect example….

Garden Gallery

Two days of gorgeous sunshine and we’re back to showers again. I’ve been documenting all the new growth in the garden for the past week (made the mistake of not doing this last year) so I’ll have a better idea of what are welcome shoots versus nasty weeds come next spring. I also figured out a feature of the digital camera to get better focusing for close-ups. That plus a wonderful amount of blooming things that either didn’t do well last year or never came up at all, and I’ve got a huge number of flower pics. Some of these I may even print. These low-res web versions hardly do them justice but I’m so thrilled with my garden I just have to share.