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I’m playing catchup again. We’ve been crazy busy this month, but there was another reason I didn’t – couldn’t – post on my blog for a while. After our annual Canada Day – July 4th vacation we came home to news that has left me close to tears for two weeks. Jonathan sold Cama Llama and her baby Flora, several weeks ago. Because the land behind us which he grazes his animals on for free is up for sale, he’d been worrying about finding a good home for the llamas on short notice. Then a trusted couple he has often traded animals with came by, wanting his help to find a pair of llamas as pets. Their plan was to go up the mountain to see the woman who has a herd (and had just taken Buddy for the summer) and pick two llamas from there, but Cama and Flora saw the men as they stood at the fence. They wandered over and Flora gave them her snuffly kisses on the cheek and it was love. Of course they asked. They begged. I just wouldn’t have expected Jonathan to say yes! When Jonathan’s granddaughter Ashley told me they were gone I could have cried. I didn’t get to say goodbye. We cuddled up to Dairy and Rusty, the new pair of orphaned kids, but I’m not that big a fan of goats. I was never even a horse person. For me, if it had hooves it had to be giraffes, and then there were camels, and now it’s llamas. The only reason I can even talk about this now is that Jonathan has brought Buddy home (he was guarding the mountain herd too well so even the owners couldn’t get close) along with a new chocolate-coloured female and baby much like Smoky and J.B. from last year. So we have llamavision again. They’re not friendly, though, not like Cama and Flora. Jonathan is beginning to think he might try to trade this pair to get Cama and Flora back again. I hope that happens, but I guess it will come down to how quickly the land behind us gets sold. If Jonathan has to keep his goats in his penned acre, there isn’t room for hungry beasts the size of llamas, and less need for defense. Last Tuesday a coyote chased the goats from one end of the woods to the other. I saw the flash of brown as it went by with one of the gals running full tilt for Jonathan’s gate ahead of it, and the others fleeing haphazardly in all directions (they usually run as a herd so it was bizarre to see how quickly a single coyote could separate them all even in that small space). Two days later Jonathan called to say Buddy was back, surprise surprise, bugling away at the slightest threat. Including me. It’s just not the same. So I’ve been avoiding writing about it. Now that that’s over with, I’ve lots of … Continue Reading →