If He Wasn’t So Exhausted…

…Richard would be doing the yippy-skippy dance right now. He has spent the first half of this year on the road all over the province demonstrating Unimogs on ski hills, on highways, in mines, in fire halls, and finally word is getting out and Richard’s perseverance has started to pay off. This week (after weeks of hard work, mind you) he has made TWO Unimog sales!! That makes 4 in total for this year. Hurrah! One of this week’s sales was a fire-fighting Mog, for the fire department that he was en route to demo at when he stopped to help put out that flaming semi-trailer in McLure. The other is to an individual as an off-road expeditionary vehicle. I haven’t heard much more about the sales than that, because he carried on to the next appointment (and hopefully the next quote) and hasn’t made it home to sit back and savour it yet. There are another four potential clients he’s working on right now, so he’s feeling very positive that this is the year Unimog in BC gets off the ground. Then maybe he can slow down enough to sleep in his own bed more often than not. (And I could finally get my new master bath!) As for me, I jumped from a 20 hour week to a 30 hour week this week, am probably working a few hours more this weekend, and next week I’ll be up to full time. Maybe even the odd week on Richard time (60 hrs) because suddenly my job is insane! I’ve been involved in some facet of education every year since school began at age 5, and it’s always the same: the arrival of September causes an anxious knot of anticipation (or dread, initially) in the pit of my stomach as the education season begins again. I started this new job after the spring training season ended, so I’ve yet to experience registration and certification processes in full swing. But if I’m going to be swamped with work, that gets us closer to a working second vehicle, a finished master bathroom, and a flat screen tv, so I’m happy to get the hours. On the third work front, Richard’s heat pump business, he made a sale to yet another co-worker last Saturday, and plans to do the installation tomorrow. This one will actually make the business some money. I just hope the full day tomorrow on top of his usual 60-hour work week won’t drain away all the energy he’s got from making those sales. If nothing else, Richard has proven that honesty, integrity, and high standards for quality and workmanship can exist in the world of sales. I’m so proud and grateful that his hard work is being rewarded. It was clear and moonless when I got home from bellydance at midnight last night, so I went looking for Mars – you may have heard that last night was supposed to be its closest proximity to Earth for the next … Continue Reading →

Bhangra Dip & Schnitzel Kick

I love language, as you can probably tell. The play of sound as well as the play of meaning. It’s the reason I studied poetry, the intense pleasure of finding words with many levels of meaning, reinforced by their sound. English is especially wonderful, I think, because we blithely absorb any words from other languages that take our fancy – why say silk dressing gown, such a mouthful, when kimono is so easy to borrow from Japan – and we create new meanings for the words we already have. With today’s “global community” the dialogue is endless and new meanings and implications, denotative and connotative, arise so quickly it’s hard to keep up. Take Thursday’s activities, for example. Would you say, from this entry’s title, that we were eating, or exercising? “Dip” describes a sort of circular motion of dropping down and coming back up, which in turn is what we aptly call the food that we dip veggies or chips into. “Kick” is of course the movement of one’s leg outward by bending the knee. Or, Richard’s favourite word to describe his latest food fixation. Schnitzel is breaded veal, at least if you’re eating it Vienna (Wiener) style. Since Richard makes it with pork (much cheaper) we debated whether or not it’s really Wiener Schnitzel. In any case Thursday morning as Richard was driving home from a meeting in Quesnel, he began to think about schnitzel, because Thursday night is belly dance night for me, and his night alone in the kitchen.

Summer Long Weekend

We’re having a lazy summer long weekend with NO visitors! It’s 30 degrees, the sky is an amazing shade of blue, the air smells of pine (not smog), and the breeze is blowing off the Shuswap (at right). I spent a few hours in the garden today, and when I admired my neighbour’s thriving rows of vegetables, she gave me a few. We’ll have the peppers and lettuce with our barbequed sirloin steaks tonight. I’m going to let the llamas into the yard so we can watch llamvision as we eat! Wishing we had a backyard patio complete with real lawn furniture, but that’s a project for next summer. I hope you’re relaxing in sunshine and peace and quiet like we are this weekend, whether you’re in the sunny interior or enjoying the sea breezes on the coast. Happy BC Day, everyone!