Mini-Break’s Over, Back to Work

I just got home from the coast, where the days are cooler than here although the nights are now milder. I went to a series of meetings for work, and then spent Friday and Saturday with my family. I made a decadent chocolate cheesecake out of chevre for my sister’s birthday party, and we spent an hour or so in the park, watching the waves crashing on the beach. Meanwhile, Richard has been in Oregon on a short 4×4 trip. He rolled Mechano down a hill, cracked the windshield, and dented the hood, but managed not to hurt himself. A spectacular roll and I missed it, AGAIN!! A dose of testosterone for him and family for me and we should be in better shape going into what will be a busy fall. There’sstill a tonne of garden work to do (picking apples, pruning trees, and digging up, dividing or moving bulbs and irises), the renos have been on the back burner for far too long, and Richard is hell bent on selling several more Mogs by the end of the year. And I’m starting month four of my new job with hopefully full time hours from here on in. The long drive home through the mountains got me thinking about my novel as it usually does, so I’m hoping to get back into that once gardening season ends. And I have good intentions about updating the blog more regularly, although lately we’ve been very busy doing things that don’t make very interesting blog posts so I haven’t found much to say or time to write. Now that the warm summer evenings are behind us and it’s much nicer to be indoors in my cosy office, I’ll have no excuse. I’m looking forward to the next round of visitors – next Saturday – to liven things up around here. Although I had quite enough excitement being in Vancouver the past few days. I need a nap!

The Latest

An update: Richard sold another Unimog just after my last post, making it three in an 8-day stretch. He’s now about to take a well-deserved vacation. We had a great long weekend visit with Jason, Mari Ann, Alex and baby Zach. The guys finished up the ducting for our heating system while Mari Ann and the kids and I checked out the local farmer’s market. We spent one day at the wildlife centre and Richard and I got an annual membership. On the holiday Monday I came down with a bad cold and have done little but rest and watch movies for a week, including old favourite French Kiss and new favourites Elizabethtown and In Her Shoes. Typically when I’m on the mend from a cold (and get my taste buds back) I get the urge to bake, and this time I experimented with muffins using rice and rye flours instead of all-purpose (wheat) flour, with apples off our trees. Richard had a bite of one and then helped himself to two more so I guess that means they worked! And I should mention the weather: smells like fall despite the 28 degree highs, and if we get the rain forecasted maybe our crispy brown yard will get green again. Still lots to do in the garden but looks like I won’t have much time for pruning projects until spring. Catchup to do now on the work front, but I’ve got a series of project planning sessions on Thursday that will decide just how busy I am between now and January. I’m hoping these projects will involve me so I can maintain full time hours until Christmas. One new development on the reno front: we are now the proud owners of a used commercial-quality stainless steel stove, with two ovens and 8 burners. Thanks to Chris for scavenging it for us! Unfortunately it’s about twice the size of our existing stove, so fitting it into our kitchen will be a massive project for sometime down the road. Maybe after my master bathroom? Richard is still burning the candle at both ends doing Mog sales so renos have been the last thing on his mind this year so far. But if his success continues maybe he’ll be able to spare some energy for the house. Ah, if only I were a plumber. I am trying to be patient… Rumours of a new baby llama being added to the flock for my benefit, but I’ll believe it when I see it. Meanwhile Buddy waits at the fence for me to open the gate and he runs across the yard so fast he kicks up dust, making a beeline for the apple tree in the corner. I’m glad the llamas like them, because the bugs are so bad this year that they’re mostly inedible for us. That’s about it. Pretty quiet around here these days. Nothing but brown grass and blue sky.