Cold Snap

Ah, it hurts not to have a camera! Richard is still on the road with the Mog (showing a Lower Mainland municipality what the Mog can do in snow, actually) and I’ve been waiting for him and the camera to get home so I can capture this amazing weather. Words will have to do for now – this morning is too spectacular not to capture somehow. It is currently -23, but the wind has calmed finally, so that -34 windchill in today’s forecast isn’t affecting us yet. The silence is absolute. The sky is that palest pink you see in tiny clamshells on the beach, as the sun comes up slowly behind the eastern hills. When I woke up the first thing I saw was more white, and thought maybe the next round of flurries had begun overnight. No, it’s frost. I’ve seen this once before, one morning in January when a cold snap like this is more common. The spruce and firs seem immune, but something about the lodgepole pines attracts the ice. Every pine is white, each needle limned in crystalline frost so even far away trees stand out like crystal. Our chestnut, too, has frost shining over every bare silver branch. And when the first rays of sun reach past the hilltops to hit the trees, the silence will break with great cracking noises as the frost drops from the pines in that bit of warmth. If we get sun. The pink is weakening to a dull, depthless gray and it seems less, rather than more, light out now. From where I sit, ice and snow are visible on the still river, and the mist is hardly moving. After weeks of burning pine from the removal of beetle-infested trees all down the block, there’s barely a wisp of smoke to be seen. I love the silence and the sense of waiting, breath held.


The Universe has spoken. My swift depression on finding out El Nino could prevent a white Christmas this year has lifted: against all forecasts to the contrary, it is SNOWING. And yes, Richard, that IS measurable accummulation on the ground. Just a little early for Christmas, of course, but this is fairly normal weather for our area, as opposed to the seemingly endless drought we’ve had until today (not to mention the chilling -7 overnight temperatures we had earlier this week). So I’m now more hopeful that we might, maybe, get just a little snow to brighten up the holidays. Please?