All Work and No Play

I can’t believe how fast January is zipping by. I have photos from the holidays I’d like to post, and here it is snowing again this morning (and -15 or so out, I might add), so it would be lovely to sit here as the snow falls gently outside my window, select a few photos, and attempt to upload them to my blog. But, I have a one-year contract for a hotel banquet room to negotiate today, 300 pages of membership renewal info to enter in my database, and a tonne of other work to catch up on. This is the drawback of taking time off to really enjoy the holidays: working weekends to catch up. Richard is flying home this morning after (we hope) selling another Mog – he left it there, so that’s a good sign – and swears he’s going to glue himself to the couch and rest for the next 48 hours before he’s off and running again. Although I’m about to check the airport site to see if this snowfall is delaying his flight. It’s just another Saturday… all work and no play. But all this work is making for a good new year. And the holidays were amazing, thanks to everyone who spent it with us. More on that when I finally get to my photos! Now back to work.