The Un-Registry

Richard and I did a little virtual shopping this weekend to try to write up a list for our “un-registry”. We’ve decided that most of the mainly big-ticket items we need in order to furnish our kitchen, dining room, living room, ensuite bathroom, and downstairs guest bedroom and bath can be found in two places: Sears and Home Depot. I hate to name names on my blog, but in this case here’s the thing: concentrating on gift certificates from the above-mentioned stores (which we shop at regularly because they’re local and affordable, like them or not), will bring us so much closer to finishing our home than a list of sheets or towels, plates or bowls. We’ll really appreciate getting a collection of little cards, truly. And though between you and me I adore fancy wrapping and the anticipation of boxes, we will get SO much more satisfaction out of seating our guests on a sofa that doesn’t have chocolate stains on the 80′s pastel, cooking for you in a kitchen with appliances from this century, and relaxing after you leave in a finished master bedroom. (Have I mentioned before just how much I would love to have shelving in my 17 foot long empty bedroom closet?) If you cannot abide the thought of giving us gift certificates or cold hard cash towards furniture, appliances and renovation supplies, here are a few ideas for things you can put in a box. Keep in mind two things: our basic palette in every room includes cool white and stainless steel/nickel finishes (no brass or gold), and this may be ranch country but we prefer West Coast casual to country charm. No chickens, please. We just got the last of that stench out of the barn. Here’s the list: white Egyptian cotton bath towels, hand towels, and wash cloths (because some guests request them, don’t ask me why); simple white dinner plates and generous-sized bowls in dishwasher-safe porcelain or stoneware; knives, serving spoons and other kitchen utensils; a 4-slice toaster (believe it or not, ours is over 20 years old); and finally, stainless steel finish ceramic grinder salt & pepper shakers. So how is that? You can use the Comments function to ask questions and I’ll do my best to approve the comments and answer promptly. I’m sorry it’s not as simple as heading to a store to print out several pages of brand names and ones and zeroes, but rest assured this way we’ll get what we really need. Thank you in advance! And now in other news: we cancelled the caterer. Yup, you heard right. As I suspected, Richard can’t bear the thought of the food not being up to our standards, so he is cooking for you himself. We’ve got a delectable menu of Chez Richard favourites (Road Trip Salsa, for example), plus a few fun foods for the kids (or is it their dads?) and lots of options for those with dietary concerns that we couldn’t accommodate to our … Continue Reading →

Party Prep!

The big event August 4th is suddenly very real and not far enough away! Today I booked our rental equipment – tables, chairs, linen, tent, dishes, etc – and chose a caterer. But haven’t begun to discuss the menu. I need Richard for that, of course. Waiting even one more day to book the date with either company would have been disastrous. As it is, I’m on a wait list for dinner plates, and ended up with blue chairs. Yikes! But at least most of my invited guests have RSVP’d so I could guestimate numbers. If you haven’t confirmed with me, please do ASAP! If you’re checking here for the registry, we’re still a couple of weeks away from deciding on a list. (Is it possible to even agree on what we’d like?!) Ideally it would require taking Richard shopping, and not just to the electronics stores…. So please check again at the end of this month. Sorry to provide you with less time for shopping, but I need time to figure out how we’re going to do this effectively without registering at stores. For now I just wanted to mark today as the official start of the process, when we begin handing out large amounts of our hard-earned cash. (Thank goodness I decided not to spend money on paper invitations – renting every last chair, glass and fork is expensive.) But we’re thrilled that so many of our friends and family are coming that we need to hire a caterer to feed you all. (Just once, mind you, not the whole weekend!) I just hope their dinner can meet Richard’s high standards. I would love to go on, so much to share re the labour that has already gone into preparing for the event, but must run to the post office instead. Hopefully I can post photos etc this weekend. Do check back. Cheers!