The Barn Transformation

Better late than never, I am putting another sleepless night to good use by finally updating my blog. Starting way back in September of ’04 when we put in the offer on this place, Richard dreamed up big plans to transform the barn into a shop. Here is the way the previous owners left it for us, with the large cluster of railroad tie and chicken wire pens that housed all of their birds. It was nasty. What a difference now, as we look forward to hosting our party in it! As of this weekend, we have officially seen the last of the bird manure, hurrah! (And hopefully can say the same for the smell.) It’s been hard to pick highlights of all the phases of demolition over the past two years since we began in the spring of ’05. Thank you to everyone who’s helped us along the way! I know most of you will skip to the end to see what we finished this weekend, but with a before and after like this I can’t resist posting as many photos as my connection will allow. Lots of work to do still before our big bash, but we’re feeling more confident that we’ll get it done. Enjoy!