Party Countdown

The Un-Wedding preparations are going well! Cleared out the barn, dug a trench and put in plumbing, gas and electrical, filled the trench with several truckloads of sand, covered the area around the barn with several truckloads of gravel, tamped it flat, and painted the barn’s interior. Lots of stuff still to do this weekend to get this place in shape but most of the party organizing is done. Fifty of our family and friends start arriving as of Thursday, most Friday night and Saturday morning. The long-range weather forecast is now saying cooler at 26 degrees, with some cloud and possibly showers! And here we were worried it would be 40 degrees and burn us all to a crisp. With luck it will be 26 and blue skies. It’s a gorgeous day today and time to get outside. Can’t believe there’s only a week to go. We can’t wait to see everyone!