Un-Wedding Album 1

August was a VERY busy month for us since the UnWedding long weekend, and I’m stunned that Labour Day long weekend has come and gone already. Sorry for the delay in getting party pictures posted. Richard and I were a little too busy to take any ourselves. Many thanks to Bob, Gudrun and Dagny whose great photos are featured here. If you’ve got some good shots of the party, the trip to the Wildlife Park, or the food – surely someone photographed Richard’s food?? – please e-mail them soon! Since I don’t have photos of the food yet, I’m going to do another post soon with more party details, and will show some of the Wildlife Park images Bob took, they’re amazing! The party on Saturday was a blast, and it was so nice to wake up Sunday, eat a decadent breakfast (cheesecake) while our guests wandered in and out, and then spend another day with most of you. After the Wildlife Park we went for a dip in the river at the local swimming hole, and had another big dinner on Saturday’s leftovers. So hard to say goodbye to you all Sunday night/Monday morning, but what an unforgettable weekend!