Ah, the Long Weekend

Let’s see, it’s the second long weekend since the party… Man, am I behind on my blog!! Big plans for this weekend, moving rocks in the yard (new tires for the bald bobcat arrived today), moving some plants out of range of said bobcat (if today’s sunshine continues), fall cleaning inside, catching up on the blog with more of our friends’ party photos and, just in time for my birthday… (anita does the yippy skippy dance) setting up my brand new 24″ iMac! Richard bought me one while on a business trip in San Diego, where they had lots, while our Canadian stores are still waiting. He surprised me with it last night, the second I got out of my board meeting. Built a crate and fought with the airline to get it home on the plane. Wow, I can’t believe it, I ordered one a month ago but it felt like I’d never get it. Now I have to get my work software for it, but until then, it’s strictly play time this weekend. The screen is so big, it’s the same size as our old TV! But not much thicker than my original-size iPod. (Which is good, because these days work paperwork covers two desks and a 6 foot folding table, not to mention the boxes all over my living room.) Wow. I’m going to go play with my new toy now. But do check out Maria’s photos and I will post more here as soon as I can. It’s going to be a full long weekend. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!