Wishing You a Merry Christmas

Tree3.jpgWhat a beautiful morning to start our holidays! It is snowing and blowing out there, smoothing out the edges on the three inches of old snow that was still on the ground. It’s no longer snowing at the airport, so the weather report isn’t very reliable, which it gives me hope we’ll have a winter wonderland for Christmas yet. I’m looking forward to a long walk with the camera later when the wind stops gusting.

As I write this, wonderful smells are coming from the kitchen, where chef Richard is doing early preparations for holiday feasting. In addition to Christmas Eve and Christmas day dinner, he has written up menus for the 29th through the 1st, when Chris, Dagny, Ben and Adrienne will join us for New Years. Right now he’s making a vat of chili for lunches. Lots of great food, but a minimum of baking. I’ve decided to forego the gingerbread this year. Richard will make his Almond Roca, which is quite enough decadence for me!

What I’ve really enjoyed over the past couple of weeks has been my holiday decorating. I add a few little things to my collection of ornaments each year, but most years I try to make at least some things myself. This year, because of the pine beetle, I collected a huge bag of cones, and went maybe just a teeny bit overboard decorating with them. The following photos are from last week as I was just getting warmed up! And then we got our tree, and I decided since it was short, that it was going to be overpowered in the usual corner by our ugly metal shelving holding the tv etc. I was just going to change the tree’s location to the other side near my office door, but Richard had the brainwave to adjust the metal shelving to half the height. We hadn’t been using it fully anyway. And what a difference! Richard will tell you I must have been suppressing some rage that afternoon, because I took the unit apart with a rubber mallet while he was trying to take a nap. Clong, clong, clang, bang… But he agrees that the result having the unit at half height and better organized is much more attractive, and then he put it in the corner, so we can really appreciate the tree. Now if I could just find space elsewhere for the jumble of things that didn’t go back on the shelving. Two days ‘til Christmas and the living room is still a mess! And there’s the pile of metal on my table. But Richard didn’t have to work today after all, so we’ll get it done. And it is still merrily snowing.

Richard and I want to wish you all a merry, warm and cozy Christmas. We’ll be thinking of you. All the best for 2008 – health, prosperity, happiness and love. The carols say it best, so I’ll sing it again: Love and joy come to you, and to you your wassail too. Cheers!









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