Holiday Delights

Snowman-Dec24.jpgI heard Vancouver had snow on Christmas Day! We’ve certainly had a beautiful white Christmas here… I made this snowman on Christmas Eve, but our gorgeous powder is so icily dry, that I had to carve this fellow out of the snowbank Richard has been building up with the bobcat every time he plows the driveway. Yesterday, when I got back from a hike through the woods and dusted the falling snow off him, I discovered some creature had bitten off his carrot nose! Among the photos that follow you’ll see a couple featuring animal tracks – but no sightings other than llamas so far.

I’ve enjoyed the snow even more the past couple of days, because of Richard’s gift to me this year: snowshoes! Our soft powder isn’t much support, so in heavy drifts I still sink almost as deep as if I were in my boots, but these babies have crampons that help me keep my balance as I clamber blindly with my eye to the camera in search of the perfect photo, and in the shallower snow beneath the trees, I was able to hike along almost effortlessly. My last snowshoeing experience was during a mountain survival course in grade seven, and our shoes were the traditional giant teardrop-shaped cane things. No comparison to my new Elektras. They’re really easy to put on, even over my –20 boots, and they have a suspension that allows your foot to bend as it normally does when you walk. So no more wading knee deep through the snow for me!

XmasDinner.jpgOn Christmas Day Richard cooked us a gorgeous turkey (which he de-boned in advance to make stock as usual) and all the trimmings, and there’s still half a bird in the fridge. We also found time to visit Wildlights, rearrange some more furniture, watch several holiday movies, and plan my other present, my bedroom closet, which will soon have IKEA shelves, rods, pant hangers, sock bins and maybe even shoe racks…. You’ve no idea how exciting that is—that closet has been a cavernous catch-all fit only for spiders for two years. Next time we head to the coast, we’ll go shopping.

Now we’re preparing for guests arriving Saturday. We’re especially happy because last year’s guests were the Olson twins and Adrienne, giving Dagny a lift; this year it’s Ben and Adrienne Olson, celebrating their first New Years as a married couple, and Chris & Dagny celebrating the one-year anniversary of falling in love at last year’s party. Brings a big smile to our faces. (What will also bring smiles is seeing the monogrammed sweaters Marlene, the twins’ mom, made for our four dear friends: they read A, B, C and D. Did my blog give you the idea, Marlene?) And Richard will be feeding us as decadently as last year. I will really enjoy the prime rib after a week of eating turkey. Now I have to go clean up all the sawdust and tools from the electrical work Richard finished in the basement, so we can spend New Years Eve playing pool. We might do a bonfire, but if the weather is anything like last night, up the hill at a co-worker’s outdoor open house, we won’t last long, particularly our Vancouverite friends in their wimpy winter gear. I’ll have to fix us a vat of hot chocolate and mulled apple (and a little Irish cream or rum for extra warmth). Hopefully we’re all over our colds by then, so we can spend some time playing in the snow!

However you ring in the New Year, I hope you have a great night. We’ll be thinking of you.

BlueSkies-Dec24.jpg Icicles-Dec24.jpg
PineDrifts-Dec24.jpg Llalmavision-Dec24.jpg
Dusk2-Dec26.jpg Claws-Dec26.jpg
PoplarsFence-Dec26.jpg Hawthorns-Dec26.jpg
Tracks-Dec26.jpg Snowshoes-Dec25.jpg
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  • Dag says:

    Wow Anita… it all sounds wonderful. I can’t wait until we come up and enjoy the fruits of your labour. I will certainly bring my wimpy winter wear and maybe even my thermals.

  • anita says:

    As Richard would say, “only 2 more sleeps” until you’re here. Definitely bring your thermals, for both Wildlights and our bonfire. I need to get some myself! See you soon!!

  • mommsie says:

    Hi Kids
    So glad you had a white christmas – photos are very captivating – makes me wish I was up there with you
    We missed you at dinner Christas day – next year we will all be together again
    Happy New Year to you & all your friends
    We’re off to Melaque, Mexico on Saturday to lay in the sun and do all the water sports available. R & R.
    Hola ……………love Mommsie