Who Needs Reindeer…

…when you have llamas! It felt like an early Christmas present yesterday afternoon, as I was standing at my kitchen window doing a few dishes. I saw a reddish-brown creature grazing at my fenceline and couldn’t believe my eyes. Got on the phone to the neighbour, and sure enough, they’ve just arrived – not one but two, tame and friendly, long-lashed, foul-breathed beautiful llamas. And if you follow my blog or visit us in person, you know that llamavision goes both ways. Just now I spotted the all-brown one at the fence as I stood at my back door, and it instantly spotted me, too. And perked up its ears. I went out alone to meet them yesterday, not sure the reception I would get, but once I got close and tossed a carrot, it was mere seconds before the alpha female was eating out of my hand. (And not letting the other one have a single carrot, though it was happy with alfalfa.) I’m so thrilled, I had to share. Llamavision returns! And just in time for our guests arriving on the 29th for New Years. Yay!


Winter is whiter this year. I’m in mourning for our lodgepole pines, half of which have been felled, and of those still standing most are a sickly shade of rust. This beautiful young one in our yard is already infected. It looks just like the faithful pine in the song, green against the white. But in the spring it will fall with the rest. Inside, waiting for spring, I have seedlings of white pine, a memorial to my great uncle Toby. Hopefully they can thrive where the lodgepole has not. For now, we’re taking the time to appreciate the beauty of these trees, and the last of their cones are a part of all my holiday decorations this year. I would welcome 30 days at -30, if it would save the rest of these trees. But as usual, it’s warming up again after a week of cold, and this snow will be replaced by grey skies and brown muck for a bit before we get another cold snap. I’m wishing for a white Christmas – white and green.