At Last

We’re back to a winter wonderland! We’ve had four inches fall so far today, and hopefully it will double by nightfall. Richard and I just took our garbage over to the transfer station, using the wooded back road. The fresh snow beautifully contrasts the arching branches of the hawthorns, which grow in 12 foot high thickets along one farmer’s field. Of course, four inches is nothing – this photo at left was taken on our drive up a mountain north of the city, where the snow is about four feet deep. It is beautiful up there, a place called Porcupine Ridge, and although we didn’t see any porcupines, I saw a kind of bird I’ve never seen before, a large long-necked thing with a fat body like a grouse. We tried to take a photo of a flock in a tree, but it wasn’t safe to stop on that narrow winding road. The snow is still falling heavily, but I might strap on my snowshoes and go for a walk anyway. It’s the best time for photographs. So glad the world is white again. I hope it continues!

Winter Blues

Snow is falling, a fresh dusting over layers that have been building since late November. It lightens my heart to see the world so clean and white, shapes rounded, contrasts stark, trees elevated to mythic presences in the whirl of snowflakes. But looking out my window this morning isn’t easing the ache in my head, the tension across my shoulders the way it has been. Maybe I’m spoiled, so much snow so early in the season. Despite more than a foot of snow on the ground, both Richard and I watch impatiently, hoping for that really big blizzard to obliterate all. Instead, the temperature fluctuates oddly, spectacular icicles form one day and fall the next, weeks of snow melt in showers just long enough to compress into an inch of ice on the driveway, hidden beneath the next week’s new dusting. I think it’s because both of us in our working lives are in similar fluctuations that we’re feeling so dissatisfied with the weather. That we’re hoping for cosmic intervention. A snow day.

New Years Eve 2007

Happy New Year! We had a fantastic four-day celebration with Ben, Adrienne, Chris and Dagny: the perfect amount of snow to play in, bright sunshine, a delectable prime rib dinner (we ate too well, surprise, surprise), and of course, reminiscences about the past year and resolutions for the future. The image at left is a tree at the Wildlights light display at the Wildlife centre. We bundled up for the train tour around the park, then warmed up with some hot chocolate while admiring the wolf cubs, but didn’t stay long because minus 11 was too cold even with a bonfire. No, we didn’t end up doing one of our own, opting to stay warm and cozy in front of the tree and a good movie. We only managed to stay up 15 minutes past midnight this year, but we had a great night. I haven’t seen Richard this happy since the Un-Wedding. As you can see from the photos – thanks to Adrie for the great one of Richard and I – we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect holiday with our friends.