This ought to have been a triumphant post a week ago, showing off my newly completed closet. Sadly I was only halfway done when I ran into a little glitch on Sunday the 17th: I broke my foot. The frustration of not getting the closet done was almost worse than the pain that first day. That was when I thought I’d just bruised it, because Richard said if I’d broken it, I’d have passed out. Not so! I was home alone at the time, quite proud of myself that I kept my cool after the initial enraged swearing, got myself to the phone, the freezer for an ice pack, and the couch. (I didn’t cry until Richard insisted on actually looking at my foot when he got home, and I saw the bloody spot where the corner of the shelf went into my foot.) Now I’m in a cast (the removable foam, plastic and air pouch variety rather than plaster, thankfully), and even more impatient than before, now that I’m pretty much confined to bed and couch. I don’t know why, guess it was the painkillers, but I was surprised when I got my crutches, to find I can’t hop and carry things in my hands at the same time. It’s made lunchtime a bit messy, but Richard has been waiting on me hand and foot the rest of the time. He’s even more impatient for me to heal up than I am! Anyway, just thought I’d post the news in case people were wondering what happened to me and my closet. Can’t sit here long, too agonizing especially after catching up on work for an hour and a half, so I won’t do this again until I can walk – not hop – down the stairs to my office. Oh, and here comes Richard, he won’t be happy to see me in here, I nearly broke my neck navigating the stairs on the weekend. Must run! Ha hah.

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  • Oh, I am surrounded by injured gals! Jen has a shopping bag (cloth) that she carts her stuff around in while on her crutches, like her ice packs, and is using a travel mug for her drinks as she goes to and from the kitchen. Do not go on stairs if possible, and if you must, go down on your butt.
    Aside from that, ice ice baby.