Thanks for your comments on the UnEvent, everyone! And Sharon, thanks for the great photo (shown here). Sorry I haven’t replied. I scrambled to get the last post done and then we left town for a weekend in Washington State, after which Richard left me on the coast for 10 days with my family, spending time with my nieces and helping my sister prepare for a move to England, and working – though a fair bit less than I intended. After an intense visit and long drive home yesterday afternoon, I feel like I could sleep for a week… So many fun gatherings this summer! And Richard tells me we have more visitors tomorrow night, though he’s enjoying keeping secret who it is. While away, I’ve been finding a little quiet time here and there to re-read Jane Austen’s Persuasion. A wonderful novel, and like Pride and Prejudice, full of constant visits between relations, friends and neighbours. I couldn’t help finding parallels as I thought about this summer. We had several visitors in June, spent the 4th of July on Marrowstone with the Lunds, had more visitors in July and entertained 25 friends on the August long weekend, travelled a thousand kilometers to have dinner with Chris and Dagny on the 14th, the Lunds on the 15th, the Webbers on the 16th, ate brunch with Rob and Jen after leaving the Webbers on the 17th, and I arrived at my parents’ house by dinnertime that night. While with my family (both siblings having moved back to the Cove this summer for a very full house), my aunt Gudrun arrived from Idaho. And while I was visiting with all of them, Chris and Dagny spent Friday night here on their first leg of a cross-Canada road trip, and Richard got the news of visitors coming tomorrow – presumably for the long weekend, coming up so fast now. I’m exhausted just relating it all! Now I have a day to get the house and my desk in order before the next whirlwind. I finished Persuasion last night and that’s it for novels and visiting (once these mystery guests leave) for a while, at least until I get my business off the ground. My only regret is that I didn’t get to see more of my friends while on the coast, but I’m no Austen heroine and one more dinner party might have worn me out completely! It has been a very abundant summer (aunt Gudrun reminded us what abundance really is), and I appreciate every minute we got to spend with all our loved ones this season. It’s feeling like fall already, though, isn’t it? These guests will help us extend summer just a little longer, then it’s on to fall projects and the kind of changes – for the better I hope – that I always associate with September. Have a great Labour Day, everyone.

The UNEvent of the Year, Part III

Thanks to all our guests who’ve posted comments on the UN-Event so far. If you’re just catching up now, note that this is part 3 and there are lots of other photos in parts 1 and 2. I’m still hoping a few more of you will send photos our way, but these are the last batch from us. Part III: Friends Despite the focus on the food, the best part of the weekend for us was seeing so many of our friends together, some of whom were just getting to know each other. In case you missed the introductions, I’ll try to put names to all the following photos, as I did in a few cases with the last two posts. What a great group of people our friends are! I personally am feeling more grounded, relaxed, optimistic and loved after our long weekend together—thanks for being here for us. Those of you who feel like sharing, please post a comment or two. Richard would love to hear suggestions for next year’s menu (see Part I) and I’d like to hear what activities people enjoyed most, so we can plan for next August!

The UNEvent of the Year, Part II

What a difference between this weekend and last! Yesterday we had a massive thundershower that dumped a torrential amount of rain, and in the middle of the day I had the overhead light on in the kitchen, it was so gloomy. Thank goodness the showers forecast for last weekend barely sprinkled our Friday night campers and then dried up. We had beautiful weather the rest of the weekend. Shade was a little hard to find in the afternoon–we’ll work on that for next year. With most of our guests arriving after lunch on Saturday, it was a quiet morning, and then our afternoon arrivals had to set up their campers and tents. After our pulled pork dinner it wasn’t long before someone lit the campfire and we sat out late, talking and star-gazing. Sunday morning Richard got to use the commercial grill, starting the day off with blueberry pancakes. It ended up being a really full day… Most of the following are from Sunday afternoon, on the river.