Just a Dusting

We had our first snow! Doesn’t look like much, but given that the temperature has plunged and will stay below freezing until the weekend, this light frosting is sticking around, and we may get more on Friday. Winter is on it’s way. By the way, those of you who might be planning to visit us in the next few weeks, if you have access to a berry-loaded holly tree and time to take a bag full of cuttings for me, I’d be thrilled to trade for a bunch of our gorgeous ponderosa pine cones. I’m enjoying making a wreath and garlands out of cones, and I should be able to find enough fir and cedar and cypress boughs to green things up a bit, but a few holly springs would be a wonderful gift if you’re stopping by. I still remember our first Christmas here, when Maria dropped in with two giant bags full of holly Chad gathered from their yard. And then we had our first big snowfall on Christmas Eve. It was magical despite the construction dust, the mice, the plywood floor and Charlie Brown tree. This year it’s snug and cosy and if there is any construction dust happening, I’ll be thrilled. All it really takes is snow, though. Cheers!

Move It!

What a busy fall we’ve had! It feels like it’s over now (for which I’m grateful) because we had our first snowfall last night and as I sit here the sun is turning the icing sugar dusting all sparkly. Richard and I have been impatiently waiting for winter. October ended up being a month off for Richard because he gave his notice at work on September 29, was shown the door on the 30th, and didn’t start the new job with Cubex Ltd. until November 1st. So he made great use of his time at home – and the neighbours made use of him as well! As the following photos show, Richard never stopped moving during his month off: He and Ben drove to Colorado and back in 4 days to pick up his new project truck, a 1980’s Unimog;