Have a Merry Christmas

Wishing all our loved ones a Merry Christmas and a joyful and abundant New Year. We survived our drive to and from Calgary – wow, the Rockies in winter are spectacular – and are about to set out into this winter wonderland again. See you for Christmas sushi at the usual place Boxing Day, we hope, and if not, see you in the New Year. We’d love to have you over to play in the snow. All two feet of it (so far). All the best, Richard & Anita.

Snow Daze

Finally, winter has arrived with a vengeance. We have a whopping two feet of snow on the deck out back from this weekend, and it’s three or four feet deep in the drifts. And brrrrr, it’s chilly. I have yet to go snowshoeing – either too snowy or blindingly bright or painfully windy. And Richard has had some trouble keeping our water pipes in the shed from freezing. But we’re thrilled to have snow to play in, and I’m optimistic for a white Christmas all around. In a bit of a daze with holiday prep and travels in the midst of this weather. Hopefully I’ll pin Richard down long enough to get a photo in front of our gorgeous Christmas tree for the annual e-card. Look for a post Sunday night—but if our holiday well wishes don’t appear, we’re probably caught in a snowstorm somewhere. I’d say wish us luck, but the 300 is all wheel drive with ice radials so I’m not that worried. Those of you on the coast, drive safe! (How’s the new car faring, C & D?) We’re on the road by 6am tomorrow. I’ll be listening to half a dozen versions of “Let It Snow” and enjoying the scenery. No sleigh bells, but you can’t beat heated seats. Cheers!