UNniversary Campout Begins!

Our annual long weekend camp-out (the UNniversary as Richard has shortened it) kicks off with the arrival of about 15 guests in time for dinner tomorrow night. We’re exhausted from preparations – yard work, shed reno, grocery shopping, cleaning, and cooking – but buzzed with excitement to see everyone. Richard just finished a pot roast rubbed with Mexican spices, and several roasting chickens are next in the morning, to be shredded ready for burritos with all the trimmings. We still need to make Richard’s Road Trip Salsa and chocolate chip pecan cookies, just to name a few, and a whole lot of other things need to be set up in the yard before people begin to arrive, so we’re off to bed and rising early to do the heavy labour before the heat drives us inside. Thank goodness for AC or we’d never get a thing done in the afternoons. Looking forward to spending an afternoon with everyone at the river – maybe the water won’t be quite so chilly this year given it’s been above 30 for most of the last 6 weeks! Anyway, I won’t get my prep photos up before the weekend, just ran out of time, so look for highlights of Richard’s yard project along with the weekend’s festivities (ie food) sometime next week. Happy long weekend, everybody!


Our annual trip to Marrowstone Island to celebrate Canada Day and July 4th with the Lunds and friends was absolutely gorgeous this year. The weather was perfect, there was more than enough fresh crab in the pots for the July 4th seafood boil, and we were joined by several friends we’d met there over the years but hadn’t seen in a while. On the usual outing to Port Townsend, Richard and I found some bright shiny things in the local cookware shop, I found a great gardening book at the used bookstore, and I picked up another expansion for my favourite board game, Carcassonne. The rest of the time, like every other year, was devoted to the leisurely enjoyment of food, sunlight, sea air, games, campfires, fireworks, and great friends. Saranda, Alston, Brooke and I went on a long beach walk, and they found all sorts of things in the intertidal sand for me to photograph. I don’t think I took the camera out once after that first morning – as usual, too busy relaxing to take pictures! But I’m rather pleased with these, partly because it was reassuring to find so much sea life thriving.

Rockin’ the Crib 2009

Ooh, I’m playing catch-up, sorry for these being so late: the highlights of our afternoon wheeling the extreme trail at Rockin’ the Crib 2009 on Missezula Lake back in June. Richard got one last great trail run out of Mechano and now the Mog is getting all the attention. But that’s next weekend’s project, I’m getting ahead of myself.