The things Richard manages to do in his rare days off…! You might think we’re installing a pool, but this shot is from day 2 of our long-awaited geothermal heating system installation. We only had until next March to complete it in order to qualify for the rebates the government is offering, and of course an excavation like this can’t happen during the rainy fall or spring. So there were the boys – our good friend & geo expert Jason and his apprentice doing the geothermal install, and Richard overseeing a two man excavation crew – working past sundown in –6 degree weather. As you’ll see in the last few shots, it even snowed on Thursday night. Amazingly, the whole operation took only 5 days last week. I’m so thrilled with the result. First, we are one last part away from our high-efficiency, cold tolerant new heating system. That’s going to save us a bundle on heating, particularly combined with the foam insulation we just had sprayed on the basement headers. But more exciting for me, thanks to an unexpected glitch with the location of our gas line to the house, we switched from a driveway dig to going down the west side of our property, from the southwest corner of the house to the back fence. That meant we finally had an excuse to redo our landscaping! Richard figures we gained about 8 feet of yard along the whole length of our back yard now that it’s level. It’s messy with rocks and probably full of weed seeds, and we had to sacrifice a lot more plants than I was prepared for, but it has so much more potential. And, the neighbours insisted on paying for the new fence and the retaining rocks on their side of it. Excellent. A blanket of snow – next weekend most likely – will make it all look perfect. Yay!