It Followed Me Home, Can I Keep It?

69KaiserCJ6.jpgNo, I’m not talking about Chris and Dagny’s new French bulldog puppy. Lulu just likes a photo op. What followed Richard home on the back of his trailer (because there’s no way it would have made it here under its own power, had it even had wheels) is a 1969 Kaiser Jeep CJ6. (I wanted to say, “what’s left of it” but Richard was deeply offended.)

This rare pile of red scrap metal is actually the ideal foundation of Richard’s next 4×4, something that can still drive on the road (when mated to a 1994 Jeep YJ), has the requisite long wheel-base for our favourite rock-crawling locales like Moab (where we’re headed next month), but won’t do the kind of extreme trails Mechano used to (ie, Missezula) in favour of more leisurely wheeling. Poor, beaten-up Mechano will one day rise again as pure extreme event buggy – and I will revert back to camera-lugging superfan on the sidelines. Buggies go faster and I much prefer tortoise speeds, thanks. But we’ll have the Jeep for trail rides, and aside from having to re-learn using a clutch, I’m psyched.

Mind you, the CJ6 won’t be done in time for Moab, no way. For this trip, (my third or fourth?), we’ll take the YJ “donor” truck, which other than engine issues is working well enough, and doesn’t have to survive past the last day of wheeling in Moab anyway since it’s going to be chopped up for parts. It’s a much better solution than the steep fees to rent a Jeep there for three days of wheeling! And if I end up denting it in a few places, it won’t matter a bit. I’ll be missing Mechano’s squishy 44” tires, and probably its long wheel-base and airbags as we rattle along in the YJ, but as long as we can get through most of our usual trails, it will still be a Moab adventure. And Richard has a great long-term shop project to alleviate his stress the way gardening does for me. Just not yet, because right now we’re dry-walling and landscaping and the temporary YJ has to be running in 4 weeks!

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  • Matt J Stobbe says:

    What?!! A HEEP for the crazy canadian??? A 1969 Kaiser CJ6 is cool but the YJ?? I think that CJ needs some toy axles, etc…

  • Richard says:

    Oh little grass hopper…. don’t judge a JEEP by its cover – the mass-produced pavement pounder….. for the YJ is a truly brave warrior that is willing to sacrifice its life so the elderly CJ can go on to live a long and fulfilled journey making people smile….

  • Matt says:

    Sooo Cummins power, GMC Transmission,Toy Tcases, Ford axles and a beautiful 69 Jeep body on top? LOL

  • Sharon says:

    Hmmmm, August long weekend project?

  • anita says:

    Hi Sharon! The 4×4 could be an UNniversary contender – vs the Unimog… Richard may have to put it to a vote. He says, TBD on the long weekend!