Another Dusty Weekend


We spent another dusty weekend in the basement, trying to get the drywall done. Not quite there yet – lots of finicky bulkheads and a couple of other small jobs to do – but here are some pics of the latest.

The main room downstairs is the size of our living room, dining room, kitchen and entry put together, and now that the boards are mostly up, it looks very bright, spacious and perfect for entertaining. Eventually. You just have to imagine some furniture and a baby grand piano to go with the pool table.

We expect to finish the last of the boarding this coming weekend, and have the mudder/taper in next week. Not sure what more has to be done before we have the advisor come in to do phase 2 of our EcoEnergy assessment, but we’re close, and really looking forward to the grant cheque! Drywall – maybe primer since we’ve got some on hand and we have a sprayer – is about as far as we’ll get for now. Our focus has moved outside… wait ’til you see the changes in our back yard. We’re going to have a lot more fun this summer! And someone pointed out we’ll have a good backup plan if it rains on the August long weekend. Yes.

RearWallSunAM.jpgRemaining ceiling boards went up Saturday, walls Sunday.

InteriorWallToDo.jpgThis wall hides under-stair storage and mechanical room.

ClosetToDo.jpgGuest room closet, before all the teeny pieces.

PowerOnPosts.jpgRichard finished wiring the posts so we had power.

SoundInsulated.jpgSound insulation between laundry and family room.

InteriorWallDone.jpgSo much better than old faux wood siding!

LongWallDone.jpgLooking from entrance across family room – isn’t it bright?

HallwayFromEntry.jpgThe hallway – walls for the bathroom, what a treat.

MainRm.jpgHere’s our huge new family room!

EntryView.jpgFinishing up for the weekend.

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  • Matt says:

    Looking great guys!!

  • Wow! It’s looking great, and I am surprised at how bright that room is. And yes – bathroom walls, woo-hoo!
    I just did some remodeling, very modest remodeling, of my own:
    It’s worth the click, Anita!!! TRUST ME!!!!

  • anita says:

    Thanks, Matt & WC! We’re accomplishing so many things in such a short time right now, my head is spinning.
    I’m looking forward to sharing the incredible work our landscaper is doing in the back yard as I write… but Richard doesn’t want me to post the pics just yet, not ’til we’re done. And it’s not photo-taking weather at the moment, raining hard enough to soak to the skin right now. Perfect weather for sowing grass seed, though, so I’m kinda hoping it continues for a week or two. And the garden sure needs it after this spring drought. But no landscaping posts for now.
    At least the basement renos will carry on – the mudder/taper starts next Thursday and will be done by the following Monday or Tuesday, hurrah!