We’re Off!

Work sucks, we’re going to Moab!! That’s the line we always use, but it feels real for Richard this time. He just worked 40 hours in the past two days. Needless to say, he’s Mr. Grumpy. And this morning he is STILL working. But all my preparations are coming together. The neighbours are going to keep our grass growing and my new plants alive, Marjorie has begun work on the mudding and taping in our basement this morning (and it will be done, including primer, before we come home!), and our broken dryer and backed up septic can wait until we get back. (Because Murphy’s Law says…) Taxes are off to the accountant, the VISA bill is paid, and we have a cushion in the bank in case this vacation, like some of our previous road trips, goes sideways. Now if we can just finish up the prep and get out of here on time this afternoon, we’ll be happy campers. The fact that the forecast for Moab is cooler than for Kamloops next week doesn’t bother me at all. I’ve already packed everything from fleece pants to spaghetti-strapped tank tops and my swimsuit for the hot tub. And the last 5 issues of my favourite magazine in case we spend a lot of time by the side of the highway – but that’s not going to happen this trip! Fun in the sun and that’s that. All our former wheeling buddies, we’ll be thinking of you as we hit the crest of Golden Spike Trail and take in that spectacular view. Wish you were with us. (Sorry, Pam. Maybe next year.) Have a great long weekend, everyone, and happy start to the summer!

More Dust, More Dirt, More Rocks

This is what the entrance to our basement looked like last weekend. A mess. If you look closely, you can see not only the trash building up under the deck, but also the interior wall that had yet to be drywalled that day. Looking at the steps, you can see the big change in elevation of the yard immediately below the deck. This was formerly the 2nd step down… so it’s more of a drop than the initial grading done during the geothermal excavation. At right is what’s left of my flowerbed – a bunch of old roots and what do you know, more rocks.