I am upgrading to Snow Leopard, aka Mac OS 10.6.3… So I can update to iTunes 10, and therefore update my iPhone to the latest software. Which will probably require me to stay up all night again trying 10 times over to download a huge update file that doesn’t agree with my less-than-high-speed satellite internet service. Sigh. When that’s done I shall post a gorgeous set of 20 Moab pics, which is the absolute fewest I could weed that trip down to. Assuming my internet still works. Anyway, wish me luck…

So Tired

Someone finally got so tired of checking my blog only to find the same old pic of Richard digging a hole, that they wrote us an e-mail to complain. So here’s a new pic, one of almost 200 I need to go through, of this year’s awesome UNniversary, featuring our tired friend. My apologies, dear readers – this long weekend I WILL catch up, really, truly. It’s good to know you’re reading, and hopefully you’ll enjoy the next few posts. It’s been the busiest summer I can remember. I hope yours were all as good. Cheers!