Connected Again

Since Thanksgiving weekend, two days after my last post, we haven’t had an Internet connection at home, other than via our unreliable cellular service. I spent the long weekend in Vancouver, while Richard secretly worked on a huge surprise for my birthday which required unplugging the satellite Internet modem. I went to post the pictures of his surprise on the Monday night when I returned, only to discover over the course of several days trying, that our modem was no longer getting a signal since he plugged it back in. Frustrating to say the least. I won’t rant about the process of getting it fixed here – particularly now that I found out the problem was crossed cables that Richard swore he had put back in the right places – but the installation company’s technician who came out today got us up and running again and I’m very happy to once again be connected to the world, plodding though our $60-a-month connection is. On that note, I’m heading outside, as I’ve been glued to one kind of technology or another all week, and I need to shore up my spirits by getting a little earth under my nails. Richard is amusing himself – and getting some free materials in the process – by helping a neighbour demolish an old shed at the back of his property. Between our landscaping efforts and the neighbours on either side, I think we’ve pulled up the value of the whole street! It’s definitely a nicer view out the back windows these days. And inside… well, we just showed the neighbours around and when we stop and look like that, we really have made huge progress this year – and it’s not over yet! Now that I am connected again, I will post some photos from our busy summer very soon. Oh, and Happy Hallowe’en, everyone!

Moab 2010 Recap

Back in late May, Chris, Dagny, Richard and I went on a road trip together to Moab, where we were joined by cousin Greg in his Unimog. Since Richard’s truck wasn’t operational, we rented a Jeep in town, paying the premium for a modified one that could go on more trails – it’s the bright yellow one in the following pics. And since, even modified, it wasn’t nearly as extreme as Mechano, we were restricted in what trails we could go on. That meant most of our rock-crawling was more like sight-seeing, but with the whole desert in bloom and lots of variety in terrain, vegetation, and climate, there was a lot to see! I’m just starting to catch up on our summer events – seems like we were away every single weekend – so I’m going to do brief descriptions and no captions. I can elaborate in the Comments if anyone has questions. We drove up to Gemini Bridges and the Canyonlands viewpoint on day one, spent a long hot day on the familiar rock slopes of Poison Spider Mesa on day two, had a fantastic time enjoying the scenery and the occasional challenging obstacle on Steel Bender on our third day, and drove way, way up to the Top of the World (at left) on our final outing on the last morning, before Richard, Greg and I headed east to La Junta, Colorado. The return leg through Wyoming, Montana, northern Idaho, and Washington might have passed in a drowsy blur, had we not broken the tongue off our trailer (fully loaded with Unimog attachments) just as we reached the last exit for Livingston, Montana. We were rescued by some really hospitable townsfolk, steered in the direction of a fantastic prime rib dinner and a good night’s sleep, and we were back on the road home just in time. Another eventful road trip!