Happy Easter

Hooray for gorgeous spring mornings! Happy Easter from Poplar Road. I hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend. Thanks to the new wagon Richard built from scratch for me, I managed to haul four bonfires’ worth of tree and shrub prunings spread all over the yard out back to burn (and got a good start on this year’s freckle crop in the process). The sunshine may be short-lived but I think I have just enough time to mow the lawn and pull up some daylily corms for a friend. And make garden plans. A productive weekend! However you’re spending your holiday, I hope it leaves you feeling rejuvenated and blessed.

One Year Ago Today

Happy anniversary, Chris & Dagny! Dag and I were comparing notes on spring, and how lucky she and Chris were that spring arrived so late in Vancouver two years ago, just in time for their wedding. Well, spring is definitely late this year, and I could say my yard still looks a bit dreary. But here’s how it looked on April 18th of last year. Yikes! Last spring I never posted all the photos of the landscaping process, which was so transformative but I was NOT permitted to share at the time because Richard wanted it all to be an UNniversary surprise. I’m vetoing that next time. If I don’t do it right after or during, I get behind and never catch up! If you’re interested, I might do a bit over the weekend if the flowers come up and I can show off before and after. IF the flowers come up – between the hordes of hungry deer and the late chill I’ve lost quite a few plants out of the new ones that I put in when we finished the rock walls and lawn. But the forsythia are in bloom, the hyacinths are close, and one daffodil has got some yellow showing. And deer have little taste for irises, thank goodness. Soon, soon! And it’s a long weekend, thank god!


Thanks for posting a comment, Chris! In return I shall post the long-overdue pics of the marathon reno job you and Richard pulled off over last Thanksgiving long weekend. And in case readability is lost in the reduction in file sizes, I’ll caption the pics per Richard’s hilarious signage. I wish I could show everyone the complete slide show, the way Richard set it up for me on the TV as I came in the door from my long weekend on the coast and collapsed on the couch. The first shot at right isn’t the first one he showed me, but it was the point at which I finally registered what I was looking at: Chris in my basement, looking even cheekier than usual, above a large hole in the old bathroom floor. The plan, as you’ll see in the following photos, was to surprise me with a new laundry room for my birthday. My pretty new steam washer and dryer (aka Anita’s new Ferrari – the closest I may ever get to a shiny red sports car) are full-size, not compact apartment stackers like the old ones which just fit in the downstairs bathroom. Richard was dismayed to find, when the ensuite upstairs could not accommodate the laundry as planned, that my new units wouldn’t fit in the only other possible location, our new basement storage room. They stuck several inches out past the door jamb. Our newly framed, drywalled, mudded, taped, and painted storage room would have to be renovated again! So this was a bigger job than just hooking up the washer and dryer to the vent and plumbing Richard had already built into the existing wall. And of course this is Richard we’re talking about. Go big or go home. So instead of a functioning washer and dryer, I got a complete room, all in one weekend. Woohoo!