R and R


Happy Canada Day! I can’t believe midsummer’s eve has passed and July begins on Friday. Where does the time go? Work has consumed us this spring, and June saw two weddings, involving reunions with friends on the Coast and family in the Interior. Since then every spare minute of mine has gone into my garden, and the work is starting to pay off, although when I think of things to accomplish before our next long weekend, only a month away, I’m overwhelmed. So I just step back and look. The main bed I’m featuring here is looking so stunning in magenta and chartreuse (a happy accident in some ways as I didn’t know what would bloom when with these new plants!) that I completely relax whenever I stop to look at it. So, in honour of our Canada Day long weekend (and happy Fourth to our American friends), here is my version of R & R, relaxation care of Mother Nature. Now if Mother Nature would just make the sun shine for the next 6 days in a row that I’m on vacation, I will happily enslave myself to her again starting next Wednesday! Cheers, everyone.

At left, by the way, is Canadian columbine, which the hummingbirds love just as much as I do. Great colour this year with our cloudy, wet spring weather, less sun to wash them out. (But I still want more sun, thanks!!)

BlackIris.jpgBlack iris after rain.

Iris.jpgFlirty yellow iris with purple catmint.

NewBed.jpgIn magenta – sea pinks and wild thyme.

Lamia.jpgTop tier of the same bed, creeping lamia.

Lily.jpgLily, rusted metal in background.

Rose.jpgRoses thriving! It’s all the rain, not my thumb.

WildThyme.jpgThe new bed, more recently.

RufusxCatmint.jpgThis shy one loves catmint. Luckily, cats don’t.

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  • marja-leena says:

    Lovely, lovely garden, Anita! All your hard work is paying off.
    We are still getting too much rain here some days, which is making tall plants keel over, geranium blossoms rot, and of course everything has grown twice as big so there’s much pruning taking place to keep back the jungle!

  • anita says:

    Thanks! Yes, rain is having that effect here too… The thing about photos is you can crop out the ugly bits, and choose not to post the pictures of weedy corners!
    My courtyard out front is one of those areas – the rain has made my wisteria vine burst with new leaves (another spring without blooms, darn thing) so that it is growing over the courtyard wall and into the mock orange. Which is in full bloom, fabulous scent, but shading half the courtyard, so of all my row of lilies around it, only the ones shown above have had enough sunlight to stretch up out of the overwhelming quackgrass and flower for me.
    One of those plans that leave me feeling tired is to get out the hand trimmers – since I have lilies and iris and columbine to preserve, no weed whacker here – and cut all the offending grass, wild grape, wild rose, and vetch down to the ground before our party. In the fall, I plan to dig out the good plants, move the mock orange, and then raze the whole thing and start from scratch. (And when it’s cleaned up, then I’ll post the embarrassing photo I took this week of the 10 foot by 7 foot by 6 foot high mass of green!

  • the Olson's says:

    Anita your garden looks great! keep up the good work and we can’t wait to see it in person. Nicholas says he will help water the garden in August if you have a watering can :-)