UNniversary Garden Party

A belated Happy BC Day, everyone! I had a two day work week this week – waiting for my next assignment now – so I have no excuse not to post the photos from our wonderful long weekend. There are fewer than usual, as I was either run off my feet or completely relaxed, and therefore hardly ever picked up the camera. The preparations were exhausting, and overall we didn’t get much sleep, but this was definitely one of the quieter, more relaxing UNniversary weekends we’ve done. We missed all the children, though! Their excitement and laughter brings something special to our event – it was like not having children around at Christmas. Next year should be back to normal, and then some! But we had fun, and the weather, finally, was nearly perfect. Our local guests who joined us Saturday night included a 2-year-old cherub named Elle, and she had learned some new words for the occasion: “Garden Party”. It definitely had more of a garden party feel this year, a little less rough around the edges. I’m especially pleased with my decorating splurge, the colourful paper lanterns with LED lights. After work on Tuesday, I went back and bought a few more for next year. I’m hopeful that by next July, when party prep gears up again, we’ll have much less to do in the yard because so much work got done this year to make our space as welcoming as possible. Three of our visitors weren’t here last year to see the major landscaping changes from last spring, and they were all very impressed. Thanks for that, we’re so glad you enjoyed our place – and of course, the food. If you couldn’t make it, here’s what you missed.