Silly Me


Yesterday I was convinced spring had arrived. A couple of hyacinths are poking through muddy soil after a mild week, and with daily highs above 10 degrees, the snow in the yard had shrunk to a few patches in the shadier spots. I thought the Stellar’s Jay in our spruce tree yesterday, first I’ve seen this year, confirmed it.

But no, he’s here again today, shrieking, snow, snow, snow! An inch since 8:30 this morning, and it’s not even the typical spring mush that melts fast. Richard presented me with a bowl of it, a ball like a cantaloupe, light as air. Sigh.

I love snow, yes, how pure and quiet the world looks, the transformation of familiar shapes into something magical. But not on St. Patrick’s Day, for goodness sake! I want Spring!! The fact that it’s blowing down in big flakes from a white sky so thick that we can’t see across the river is really… depressing.

I’m going to take this as a sign that I need to post some of my photos of our glorious holiday on the Mayan Riviera today. I miss mango margaritas and the blue-green Caribbean! Heavy snow in mid-March. Hmph. It’s all set though, we’re going to Mexico again same time next year, and good riddance to spring snow.

Happy “green” St. Patrick’s Day, all.

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