Happy 40th to Me


Now that I’ve mostly recovered from the shock – LOL – of Richard’s series of surprises for my birthday weekend, I thought I would share with you how our trip to Las Vegas started: with flashcards.

After spending Friday evening with my girlfriends Cynthia and Saskia in Kamloops to celebrate my birthday, to end a very busy and nearly sleepless week, I was really looking forward to sleeping in on Saturday morning. When Richard turned on the lights I knew it was still dark out, and I was NOT happy. Apparently he’s never seen me pull a pillow over my head quite so forcefully.

He ignored “go away!” and said he needed to show me something. I saw the time on the card in front of my face and told him it was probably -4 and my gardening tasks for the day weren’t going to start until it warmed up, a lot. Coherent, good sign. Then he showed me the next few cards and I started to wake up – and freak out. He was so calm, and enjoying his surprise far, far too much. Evil man. When he showed me the plane, I finally realized something special was happening. What a way to start a birthday long weekend.

On the back of the first card, the clock, Richard had written down what he was going to say, and each card was numbered so he’d get the order right: “Sorry for waking you so early, but the clock is ticking”.

2-Grumpy.jpg“And there’s no time to complain…” But I was…

3-Cake.jpg“After all it’s your 40th birthday weekend and we have plans.”

4-WhoLovesU.jpgPlans? “You can hate me now and love me later…”

5-8am.jpg“But we have less than 3 hours to leave.” Leave?

6-Car.jpg“We must be gone by 8am sharp and in the car.” Where?

7-Shower.jpg“In this time you must shower…”

8-Pack.jpg“…and pack your bags…” Wait a minute…

9-Gardening.jpg“Sorry you have no time to play in your garden.”

10-InTime.jpg“But in time, hopefully minutes…”

11-Forgive.jpg“…you will forgive me.”

12-Sleep.jpg“You can sleep in the car…”

13-Drive.jpg“…while I drive, so we don’t miss…” What?!?

14-Plane.jpg“…our second ride. I don’t think they’ll wait!”

15-Shuttle.jpgI’m in shock now. “…or our third ride”.

16-Hotel.jpg“…which will take us here.” Treasure Island?

17-LasVegas.jpg“Which is in Las Vegas!” Holy crap!

18-Dinner.jpg“After we land we get to go eat here.” Wagyu beef, mmm.

19-Cirque.jpg“Before our show.” Cirque du Soleil, yay!!

20-Room.jpg“Then off to the hotel we go…”

21-Tomorrow.jpg“Before we start a new day tomorrow.”

At this point I’m out of bed, panicking about getting ready to go. And no, he hasn’t mentioned anything about getting married! He says he actually considered waking me an hour earlier to give me more time to pack, but he figured I’d throttle him. Yup. I insisted on making my usual breakfast, a smoothie, because if I was driving and flying for hours, I needed a good breakfast. Richard let me run around packing and when I was ready to eat, he had my other birthday present ready for me: a new blender. He said he told Chris and Dagny that was my one and only present, and they thought he was nuts. That was my first clue that nobody knew about his special plans for the weekend. But I always underestimate his sneakiness – the next surprise came at sunset, when we landed in Vegas.

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  • Chris Olson says:

    Richard put waaay more effort into these flash cards than he did on the ones we used for the laundry room surprise…

  • anita says:

    He sure did! I don’t know whether I had a harder time understanding him at 5am when he was trying to wake me up and tell me we were going to Vegas; or at 7pm when he used the final card to lead into his marriage proposal. LOL.