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Many of you have seen these already on Richard’s Facebook page, but for those who haven’t, here are our wedding ceremony photos and an account – more for my memory than anything – of our big day.

After we spent all of 15 minutes obtaining our marriage license Sunday morning (the web applicants’ express lane), we did some shopping, came back to the hotel, and I changed into the teal blue sundress I bought for our Mexico trip in February. By 1:00 we were outside awaiting our “limousine”. Larry and Richard had been making jokes all morning about Elvis-themed chapels and blue suits… but Richard did say “think like me”, and I should have known, especially when he said the limousine we were waiting for was red. But no, I was surprised yet again as I saw two red Jeeps drive by and turning to Richard with a punch on the shoulder said, “those are for us, aren’t they!” Of course.

Getting in and out in a short dress and heels was a bit challenging, but the drive to Logandale was quick and the off-road trail was more road than rock. The pastors, Bill and Anita (!) had never been off-road before, and we were a bit worried as they joined our guides, Tim and Quinann from Las Vegas Rockcrawlers, in the smaller lead Jeep, but they loved it. I saw a real live roadrunner as we hit the trail, and some very large cacti, but most of the route was dusty and brown until we came around a corner into the Valley of Fire. Suddenly it was all red rock, just like Moab, but a lot easier to get to for a wedding.

 LarrynDebbie.jpgDebbie handed me a beautiful bouquet, another detail Richard arranged from afar with Quinann. Richard and Larry found the right (flat) spot – what a view – and Larry set up a video camera while Richard backed up our Jeep so he could use the CD player to start us off with a song.

After the ceremony, we danced to Bryan Adams’ “Everything I Do, I Do It For You”, which was so perfectly appropriate, and wonderful. And then a toast, again arranged by Quinann, complete with strawberries instead of a cake, and sparkling apple juice instead of champagne. We fed each other strawberries, posed for photos (by Larry and Tim), and then the sun began to set and it was time to go – we had one more Cirque du Soleil show to catch, and early to bed for a morning flight home.

Ceremony2.jpgBehind us, the red rock Valley of Fire.

Ceremony3.jpgSomething blue, old sandals, new earrings, borrowed Jeep!

Blessing.jpgAfter we exchanged rings, a lovely Apache blessing.

I said my own words to Richard after the I do’s:

Richard, you are loving and generous,
Capable and confident
In everything you set your mind to do.
I can always depend on you,
And you never cease to surprise me
With your spontaneity and creativity.
You push me, you support me,
And you surround me with love.
I love you more than I can ever find the words for.
I am yours, always.

Kiss.jpgYou may now kiss the silly look off my face.

Happy.jpgEven after 13 years together, it meant so much to both of us.

AToast2.jpgThe perfect setting for a toast.

AToast.jpgThanks Quinann for the bouquet, bride & groom glasses, etc.

Rings1.jpgI’ve switched from amazed to all smiles.

Rings2.jpgWhite gold wedding bands.

Strawberries.jpgStrawberries instead of cake.

RockCrawlers.jpgNot your typical Vegas wedding (eh?).

WithJeeps.jpgOur red “limousines”.

WithJeeps2.jpgThis was our tour operators’ first wedding. Thanks!

RedRock2.jpgA few photos, “just married” on the Jeep, and back to Vegas.

AtMystere.jpgAnd for the finale, Cirque du Soleil’s Mystere. Perfect night.


Again, huge thanks to Larry and Debbie for being there and helping Richard pull off this surprise, and thanks to Tim and Quinann for taking care of all the extra details so we could get married out on the trail.

The daze of amazement has morphed into a perpetual smile on my face (10 days and counting). It was wonderful hearing the words, the 20th wedding we’ve been to in 13 years together, and knowing this time, they were for me. I didn’t know just how powerful it would be until we did it. We’re married!

Thank you, family and friends, for coming to our UNwedding six years ago, so that we could elope like this and not feel too, too guilty for leaving you all out of it! And thank you to everyone who made it to the surprise party, aka wedding reception, on Thanksgiving Monday. You surprised me so much I nearly died of shock! Right back atcha! We love you all.

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