At Last

We’re back to a winter wonderland! We’ve had four inches fall so far today, and hopefully it will double by nightfall. Richard and I just took our garbage over to the transfer station, using the wooded back road. The fresh snow beautifully contrasts the arching branches of the hawthorns, which grow in 12 foot high thickets along one farmer’s field. Of course, four inches is nothing – this photo at left was taken on our drive up a mountain north of the city, where the snow is about four feet deep. It is beautiful up there, a place called Porcupine Ridge, and although we didn’t see any porcupines, I saw a kind of bird I’ve never seen before, a large long-necked thing with a fat body like a grouse. We tried to take a photo of a flock in a tree, but it wasn’t safe to stop on that narrow winding road. The snow is still falling heavily, but I might strap on my snowshoes and go for a walk anyway. It’s the best time for photographs. So glad the world is white again. I hope it continues!

Our New Home

Here is Richard’s shot of the new house on Poplar Road the first time he saw it. We bought it less than a week later, on Friday, September 3rd – although to date the subjects haven’t yet been removed and a possession date has not been set. It doesn’t look like “us” at the moment, but it has all the main features we were looking for in the past two years that we’ve been house-hunting. I wanted space for my own office – I will be working from home on various projects – a garden with fruit trees, and a “great room” for entertaining. Richard wanted a shop or something that could be transformed into one, enough land to play with the 4×4 and have friends camp out on long weekends, and a spacious kitchen for his other passion, cooking. This property has it all, with more space than we’d dreamed of in the house. Just needs a little elbow grease is all. I will do a bunch of “before” and “after” photos as we move in and begin the renovations at the end of October.


This is my first time blogging, to coincide with my first time owning a home. Thus the title of my blog, named after the street Richard and I will be moving to next month: Poplar Road, in the Interior of BC. While it is a bit intimidating beginning this thing called “blogging” – which my mother is so familiar with now, and yet most of my friends say “a what?” – I am far more apprehensive about moving, and the effect it will have on my relationships with friends and family. So this site is for me to keep in touch with those friends, document this life change Richard and I are embracing, and celebrate the process of making a home on Poplar Road.